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HACCP Course (English)


A HACCP course is mandatory for everyone who works with perishable foods or drinks. You are responsible for the health of guests who eat and drink at your establishment and of course you want to prevent someone from getting sick.

Lara · 4 juni 2023

You must also demonstrate that you are working hygienically during an inspection. This obligation applies to all companies that provide food and/or drink. So not only for catering companies, but also for care homes, crematoria, hospitals, sports canteens and associations.

With the HACCP course you are able to work independently according to the Hygiene Code.

TIP : If you are looking for the Dutch version of this Course, visit HACCP Cursus to earn your HACCP Certificate in 2 hours for just €49,95.

What you will learn

You will learn the content of the legislations and regulations, the hygiene code and how the HACCP system works.

Is a HACCP course Mandatory?

Whether you are a volunteer in a sports canteen, a cook level 1 to 4, working independently, a chef or institutional cook, everyone will have to be able to demonstrate that he/she works according to the Hygienic code.

Who needs a HACCP Certificate

Anyone who works in the hospitality industry, catering or in an institutional kitchen. Also managers, employees and volunteers in sports canteens, at associations and/or community centers. You do not need any previous education for the HACCP certificate.

The Exam

At the end of the course you will take a final test. If you complete the exam successfully, you will immediately receive the HACCP Hygiene Code Certificate. You can show this certificate to the inspector during an inspection by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWMA).


As soon as you pass the final test, you will immediately receive the HACCP Hygiene Code Certificate.

Course Duration

This online course is a self-study. You can take as long as you want. Normally the study load is 4 hours.


What is HACCP?

What does HACCP mean?

Where do I take the exam after the HACCP course?

I work voluntarily in the sports canteen and only serve fries and sandwiches. Do I also have to complete the HACCP course?

Is Social Hygiene (SVH) the same as the Hygiene Code HACCP course?

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